As the study of genetics continues to evolve and expand, we are committed to providing preeminent training for emerging leaders in the field. With rigorous coursework, hands-on clinical experience, cutting-edge research and dedicated mentorship, our graduate-level programs prepare students for successful careers across the ever-changing discipline of genetics.

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Under the supervision of a faculty mentor, each graduate student conducts an independent research project. Areas of study range from cancer molecular genetics to neurodegeneration to quantitative and behavioral genetics, and we encourage students to explore a broad range of topics within the expanding field of genetics.

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Life in Richmond

We encourage our students and trainees to maintain a healthy, balanced life, and Richmond is a wonderful place to engage in that well-rounded lifestyle. As a mid-sized city with a metropolitan population of 1.3 million, Richmond provides stimulating activities while maintaining its intimate feel and unique vibe. 

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Photograph of Richmond city and the James River.

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